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101 Wild West Rodeo





The 59th Annual 101 Wild West Rodeo

June 7 - 9, 2018

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59th Annual 101 Wild West Rodeo



Annual 101 Rodeo Ends Three-Night Run


Fans at the final night of the 59th annual 101 Wild West Rodeo on Saturday were treated to the best performances in five of the six payoff events. That’s the official word from Rodeo secretary Missy Swartz, who was in charge of the payoffs from the Sammy Andrews Rodeo Contractor in the production of the rodeo for the 101 Rodeo Foundation. She was assisted by timers Barbie Doyle and Katie Rumford.

So, what was so special? It came in the very first event of the night when Jared Keylon of Uniontown, Kan. was riding Firewater for an official score of 84. That put him in first place and top money of $1,061.20. Not bad for an eight-second count. If that wasn’t enough, next out of the chute was Blaine Kaufman, of Pretty Prairie, Kan. riding Rags to Riches, who turned in a score of 83 for second place and receiving $804.30. The accomplishment overcame a 78 that had been posted by Mark Kreder of Collinsville on Friday night on PTSD Power Play. But that earned him $579.40 for third place and then came Justin Pollmiller of Weatherford that rode Broken Promises with a 69, which got him $386.50. Followed by Chance Merrill of Coffeyville, Kan. that rode Sweetfame for a score of 65, earning him $225.00. All of which was earlier in the three-night program.

Saturday showed no change in the Saddle Bronc. The scores turned in Friday night stayed intact for Saturday. Dalton Davis of Holcomb, Kan. with a score of 82 points on Bomber Boy, gave him $1,228. 20. Joe Lufkin of Sallisaw with a score of 81 on Tator Tot, gave him $931.30. Then came Wyatt Lohman of Weatherford with a 79 on Yellow Fizz for $670.40. Next was Logan Allen of Crescent, Iowa with a 77 for $447.50. Followed by Preston Kafka of Wagner, S.D. with a 76.5 on Sandbox for $261.60 and Jake Finlay of Gooniwindi, Au. with a 76 on Buck Wheat for $186.

With steer wrestling next up the list of qualifiers had no change for Gabe Soileau Bunkie, La., with a 3.4 for the lead from Thursday and giving him $1,758.20.

Ricky D. Riley turned in a time of 3.8 for second place on Saturday for $1,455. 30, knocking the rest of the field down. Tyler Pearson of Louisville, Ms., for third at 4.4 for $1,152.40, Chancey Larson Manhatten, Kan. and Ty Erickson of Helena, Mont. at 4.6, for $697 each followed by Kyle Irwin of Robertsdale, Ala. with 4.8 for $303.00, knocking Cody Doesher of Oklahoma City out of the money.

Not to be outdone as far as winning came Will Howell of Stillwater in tie down roping with an 8.2 giving him $1,779.20 knocking Luke Potter of Maple City, Kan.. to second place with a 9.4 for a payout of $1,472.30. Others with times worth money as a result included Paul David Tierney of OKC with a 9.6 for $1,165. 40, Cole Bailey of Okmulgee with a 9.8 for $859.50. Followed by Jess Woodward of Dupree S.D. with a 9.9 for $552. 60 and Trent Creager of Stillwater with a 10.0 for $307.

Not to be outdone were the team ropers were the team of Eric Flurry/Stitches Stanley, 5.4 seconds, for $1,751 each and Andrew Ward/Reagan Ward, 5.5, for $1,523. Then came the stirrup with the team of Brye Crites/Casey Stipes, 5.6, for $1,294. 4 and Gavin Foster/Daniel Reed, 5.7, for $1,066. Knocking the other teams down two places Jesse Stipes/Jake Smith, 5.8, for $838 and Kaleb Driggers/Junior Nogueira, 5.9, for $609. 70. Followed by Adam Rose/Justin Fox, 6.0 for $381. 80 and Hunter Munsell/Derrick Jantzen, 6.1 for $152.

Top effort Saturday in girl barrel racing was that of Savannah Pearson from Summers Ark. at 17.32 and it took second money for $1,218.30. Other Saturday money gals were Amber Scales of Pittsburg, Kan. at 17.48 for $677.60 giving her fifth and Shari Taggart of Ardmore at 17.49 for $541.7 giving her sixth. Top for the girl barrel racers came in slack late Thursday when Randi Buchanan of Chouteau turned the three barrel-trick in 17.13 for $1,421.20.

Third-fourth money was earned by Tracy Nowlin of Summers Ark. and Ali Armstrong of Lexington, each with a time of 17.44 and each getting $948 each. Seventh at 17.73 was Lacinda Rose of Willard, Mo. for $406.80 while eighth went to Suzanna Brooks, from Seminole at 17.76 for $271.90. Followed by Cayla Small of Burneyville at 17.84 for $203.00 for ninth and tenth going to Carolyn Uhler of Holden, Mo. at 17.85 for $135.

Whatever it was for the bull riders, they definitely had it on Saturday. It all may have been that only eight contestants were expected in the arena on Saturday, while on Thursday and Friday, there were two sections of bull riding, and it turned out to be quite a crowd pleaser to have that many try their luck.

Saturday produced two top money winners with Elliot Jacoby of Fredericksburg, Texas riding Risky Business securing second at 89 and receiving $2,054 and third going to Boudreaux Campbell of Crockett, Texas on Jail Break and his 88 got $1,518.00.

Top money came on Friday with Garrett Tribble of Bristow, on Jail Break with a 89.5 and receiving $2,679. Fourth went to Jimy Marten on Wild Onion with a 85 and receiving $982.50. Fifth-sixth went to Brett Custer of Elk City on Rank Hank and Jeff Askey of Athens, Texas with a 84.5 and receiving $536.00 each. Seventh went to Jeston Mead on Monkey Punch for $357.80 and eighth going to Joseph McConnel of Bloomfield, N.M. on Rank Hank with a 83.5 for $268.

Paul David Tierney of Oklahoma City received All-Around Cowboy in tie-down roping and team roping for $1,165.

Total payoff: $55,660. Stock contractor: Andrews Rodeo. Rodeo secretary: Missy Swartz. Timers: Barbie Doyle and Kate Rumford. Announcer: Garrett Yerigan. Specialty act: Dusty Myers. Bullfighters: Nathan Harp and Cody Emerson. Clown/barrelman: Dusty Myers. Flankmen: James Andrews and Sammy Andrews. Chute bosses: James Andrews and Sammy Andrews. Pickup men: Jerome Schneeberger and James Hajek. Photographers: Fly Thomas and Gale Miller. Music director: Benje Bendele.

The 60th annual 101 Wild West Rodeo will be back again in Ponca City in 2019 on June 6-8.


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