101 Wild West Rodeo





The 60th Annual 101 Wild West Rodeo

June 6 - 8, 2018

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Work Sessions

Work will continue through this year and next on improvements to the 101 Wild West Rodeo Arena. Volunteers are always welcome.





RETURNING THIS YEAR: Barrelman - Justin “Rumpshaker” Rumford & Specialty Act - Amanda J. Payne




101 Wild West Rodeo History - 1967


RODEO DATES: August 24th, 25th, & 26th

ANNOUNCER: Lex Connelly GRAND MARSHAL: Judy Lynn America’s Western Sweetheart
RODEO QUEEN: Terri Hewgley &  Deanna Johns SPECIALTY ACT: Judy Lynn America’s Western Sweetheart and her eight-piece string band & Jerry Olson and his Flying Jets

Office Now Located At Third & Grand - Rodeo tickets go on sale on Monday.


The 101 Ranch Rodeo office on the northwest corner of Third and Grand will open at 9:30 a.m. General admission tickets also may be purchased from grocery stores in Ponca City.


Rodeo dates this year are Thursday, Friday and Saturday, August 24, 25 and 26. Each performance will be at 8 p.m.


For the first time since it has been 101 Ranch Rodeo, general admission will be available.


They will be $1 and admit holders to the north three sections of seats in both the east and west grandstands. In these areas it will be strictly on a "first come, best seat" basis.


All seats in the south five sections, both east and west sides, will be reserved. Tickets are $2.50. General admission tickets may be exchanged for reserved seats with the payment of the additional charge.


Already requests for box seats have been received. All box seats are $3.50 each.


Mrs. Pat Biggers, wife of Patrolman Jerry Biggers, will be in charge of the ticket office.


Boosters may secure free bumper stickers and window decorations.


Special 101 Ranch Rodeo ties, in either red or black, will be available at the ticket office for $1.50 each.


Elra Beutler and Son are the stock contractors. Each year they among the top contractors furnishing bucking stock for the National Finals Rodeo.


Ponca City's own Buck LeGrand, who has worked rodeos from coast to coast, appeared in Madison Square Garden and clowned National Finals rodeo, will be the bullfighter.


Featured entertainment will be the Judy Lynn Show, with Judy Lynn, "America's Western Sweetheart, " and her eight piece recording string band.


Judy, whose specialty designed and made wardrobe is valued at more than $75,000, has starred at rodeos and stock shows, such as the in Fort Worth, San Antonia, San Angelo, Tex., and Montgomery, Ala.


Harrah's at Reno and Lake Tahoe, where she has top billing, hail her as "Miss Show Business Herself."

TOTAL OF 145 COWBOYS READY AS 101 RODEO OPENS TONIGHT - Special Acts, Entertainment Slated in Arena

Some folks go to the rodeo for the acts in the arena.


Others go for they love the sport of the cowboys, and fast, exploding action as the contestants pit skill and daring against the rankest of horses, the toughest of bulls and the heavy sturdy calves and steers.


Regardless of why a person goes to the 101 Ranch Rodeo tonight, Friday and Saturday, they will be entertained by the top performers of the nation, both in specialty acts and in contest events.


Topping the entertainment will be the tremendous Judy Lynn show. The 20-minute limitation to the show is expected to be the only disappointing feature.


Comedy and Music - Her show is full of gaiety, comedy and music with an undercurrent of pathos.


Jerry Olson of Sturgis, S.D., who will clown with Buck LeGrand, will be seen on his flying jets, perfectly trained black horses which he rides Roman style.


A high point of tonight's performance will be the crowning of the 1967 rodeo queen. eight young women are seeking the title and have been working for weeks to boost the rodeo and to perfect their horsemanship.


All of the former queens of the 101 Ranch Rodeo will form an honor guard for the new queen and will appear together in the arena.

Club to Perform - Pre-rodeo entertainment will be a quadrille by the Blackwell Riding Club.


The colorful and fascinating grand entry will be at 7:30, with the big-hatted cowboys exploding in the arena at 8 o'clock.


One hundred forty-five cowboys had called in their entries by the time the books closed Wednesday afternoon with more than 30 of the nation's leading contenders on the list.


With the arena in top condition, some fast times are expected to be turned in by the champions in calf roping.


Seventeen ropers will be trying for go-round money and a good spot for the average. Two head will be given this year, with a short after-rodeo competition to complete one go-round today.


Sewalt To Rope - To be out tonight is Ronny Sewalt of Chico, Tex., who placed third nationally last year with his money winnings amounting to $23,338. this southpaw owns all the right moves and can be a blur with a tire string.


Barry Burk of Comanche is riding in fifth spot as of Monday morning in calf roping and is third in the standings for all-around cowboy champion. Barry won five junior rodeos before turning pro in 1963. He has won $74,919 and been among the top 15 winners each season in at least one of his events.


He finished sixth for the title last year.


Other top ropers include Sam Womack of Bridgeport, Tex., and Sonny Worrell of Altoona, Kan.


Womack has taken home $8,568 in calf roping and holds seventh place at the present time.


Worrell prepped in college rodeo at Oklahoma State University. He had been in the top 15 five times in the past seven years.


Poncans Competing - Two Ponca City men, well known throughout rodeo will be out tonight in calf roping. They are Frank Braden and Merle Davis.


Steer wrestling has drown Billy Hale to the 101 Ranch Rodeo. Hale, of Checotah, has never finished lower than fourth in the final standings since 1963. Also he is the only tow-time winner of the tough NFR average with back-to-back victories in 1963 and 1964. In the 1964 nationals series he set an arena record of 69.2 seconds on eight steers.


Event drawing the highest number of contestants is bull riding and coming here to try his luck on the Elra Beutler and Son stock is Ed LeTourneau of Stockton, Calif., who is seventh in the money this year. He has a degree in veterinary medicine from the University of California.


Top Bull Riders - C.W. Adams, Ronnie Rossen and Joe Green are names listed by the Rodeo Information Commission as among the top cowboys in the nation. Each will be out in bull riding tonight.


These are only a few of the top rodeo athletes in the nation who will be here and competing tonight.  Each event-- bareback, calf roping, saddle bronc, steer wrestling and bull riding -- has drawn some of the leading contenders.


Eight girls have entered the barrel race. The girls provide some of the best entertainment in the rodeo, but rarely get the publicity and attention given the cowboys, they say.


As one girl said while entering Wednesday: "We work just as hard to be good as the cowboys do."

Judges select two queens.....History repeated itself at the 101 Ranch Rodeo when two contestants tied for first place. They were Terri Hewgley and Deanna Johns.

Two queens also were selected in 1960 when co-winners were the former Bessie Cales (now Mrs. Bobby Ratliff) and the former Carole Muchmore (now Mrs, James Barnett).


For the first time Miss Congeniality was named elected by the girls was Janie Roby

LARGE CROWD TURNS OUT FOR FINAL PERFORMANCE OF 101 RANCH RODEO - A large crowd of rodeo fans braved cool, damp air Saturday night to watch veteran cowboys pit their strength against some of the toughest rodeo stock in the nation in the finals of the 101 Ranch Rodeo. The contestants were battling for' a share in some $7,000 prize money.

Elra Beutler and Son's stock again proved its mettle by taking champions away from the pay window, including the 1965 bull riding champion, Bill Kornell, who failed to stay aboard until the buzzer sounded Friday night. Komen, who is fourth in national standings this year, left immediately for Salem, Ore., to enter another rodeo.

Judy Lynn and her band were again warmly received by the crowd for her friendliness and the professionalism of her show. As she did in her two previous performances, July again complimented the community and its youth for the shorn locks and positive attitude on religion she had encountered here.

Prior to the rodeo, trophies were presented by the 101 Memorial Trail Riders to two clubs who joined them in parading into the arena. A trophy was presented to the Kansas City Saddle Club for coming the longest distance to participate in the trail ride, which began last Sunday northeast of Newkirk. The Newkirk Range Riders received from the 101 Riders a trophy for having the most participating in the ride.

Leonard Lancaster of Oklahoma City took $158.10 home as top money winner in the bareback bronc riding with a total of 146 points on three head.

The best ride Saturday night was by Bob Thedford of Enid who scored 56, the second highest Score during the entire rodeo. Thedford received $74.40 for that ride.

In calf roping Ponca City's Henry Heinzinger, winner of the first go-round with a score of 14.6, took 20.2 seconds Saturday night to tie his calf, but came out in the averages in second place with 34.8.

Barry Burk of Comanche, fifth in the national ratings as of last week, won the second go-round, tying his calf in 13.1. However, he failed on his first calf so was not in the averages

Leo Sedeker, another Oklahoma cowboy, tied two calves " in a time of 32.3 seconds to win the average and take home top money of $205.33.

In the saddle bronc riding, Brandon McReynold of Andrews, Tex., strode away from the pay window with $251.17 after a Saturday night score of 60 and a total tally of 177 on three broncs. Close behind with 173 was Leonard Lancaster, also a winner in the bareback riding.

Jerry Olsen of Whitewood, S. D. clown and bullfighter of 101 Ranch Rodeo edged out Roy Duvall of Boyington in steer wrestling by one-tenth of a second to take home top. money of $365.86. Olsen scored 14.3 seconds on two steers.

However, Duvall, top ranking steer wrestler in the nation, was awarded the same prize money. He held the lowest time of any contender with a 5.4 on his first go-round.

Merle Davis, veteran dogger of Ponca City, who at one time stood in second place, dropped out of the money with a 13.4 ride on his first steer.


Johnnie Lee Wills (Brother of Bob Wills) After Rodeo Dance Friday and Saturday


Judy Lynn America’s Western Sweetheart and her eight-piece string band for a 20-minute act.


Jerry Olson and his Flying Jets features Olson riding Roman style on his trained black horses – Specialty act


Stock Contractor – Elra Beutler and son

Bull Fighters – Buck LeGrand & Jerry Olson

Lex Connelly – Announcer

First time for General Admission tickets $1.50


General Admission is the North three sections will be on a first come, best seat basis

General Admission $1.50, Reserved $2.50, & Box Seat $3.50

All seats in the south first five sections both east and west side, will be reserved seating


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