What Is A Cowboy?

101 Wild West Rodeo





The 60th Annual 101 Wild West Rodeo

June 6 - 8, 2018

Website will be updated as information becomes available.

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Work Sessions

Work will continue through this year and next on improvements to the 101 Wild West Rodeo Arena. Volunteers are always welcome.





RETURNING THIS YEAR: Barrelman - Justin “Rumpshaker” Rumford & Specialty Act - Amanda J. Payne




Tid-Bits: What Is A Cowboy?


What is a Cowboy?

Here's what I want to tell ya, about a wild kinda man
one who wears some funny clothes, and rarely has a tan.

He ain't no California hippy, ridin' them funny boards
and he ain't no damn Yank, talkin' on phones with no cords.

He's rarely seen on any coast, much less the big city
and he only likes to drive big trucks, not foreign ones, no-sir-e.

He ain't got much time for foolishness, unlike them city folk
who drive them fancy sports cars, instead of throwin' ropes.

Now he sure likes purdy women, and hopes to marry one
it's just his only problem is, well - he loves only one.

It seems the longer time goes on, the harder it is to find this man
 and that's sure a sad ol' story, especially in this God' great land.

For it was the land that he was born, and made in who he is
a rough ol' ornery son of a gun, but a kind one to the end.

Cause he sure loves his animals, and knows their power true
and always takes good care of them, come rain or shine or you.

Now this man for which I talk, ya might a guessed by now
and it wouldn't surprise me if ya said he rode a cow.

For cow is only half the name that's given his fame,
and boy that's what his daddy taught, and thus it would remain.


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