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The 59th Annual 101 Wild West Rodeo

June 7 - 9, 2018

Website will be updated as information becomes available.

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Work Sessions

Work will continue through this year and next on improvements to the 101 Wild West Rodeo Arena, watch here for upcoming dates. Volunteers are always welcome.





RETURNING THIS YEAR: Pony Express Relay Race




101 Wild West Rodeo Foundation


From The Chairman Larry Goodno.....

I am Larry Goodno, Chairman of the 101 Wild West Rodeo Foundation and I would like to welcome you to the 59th annual 101 Wild West Pro Rodeo. We are very lucky to have such a rich and historic rodeo held right here in Ponca City, OK, with the authentic Miller Brothers 101 Ranch right down the road.

With so many wonderful events held in Ponca City each year, it takes a huge crew to put on each event and make them successful. Sure, it takes a great committee and clear communication, but there’s one thing that many people forget to take into account to make these things operate smoothly, and that is support from local businesses. Whether it is financial sponsorships or donated time, these businesses allow events all over our community to be the best they can be.

Without our local and corporate sponsors, this rodeo would not be what it is today. We have many great small businesses in our community that not only help out during the rodeo, but throughout the year as well. I encourage you to take time to shop our small businesses here in Ponca City, as well as the surrounding areas in Kay County.

We have worked hard this year to bring a rodeo to Ponca City that is bigger and better than ever. A new specialty act, a new announcer and a new 101 Drill Team are a few of the things we are excited to have this year!

From all of us on the 101 Wild West Rodeo Foundation, we sincerely hope you enjoy this year’s 58th running of the 101 Wild West Pro Rodeo and have a great time!


The Board of Directors


Larry Goodno - Chairman
Raymond Ball - Vice Chairman
Kacey Calhoun - Secretary
Sarah Troutman - Treasurer
Scott Burries, Hank Hainzinger, Ryan Williams - Contract Personal
Tyler Mayes, Arron Michaud, Danny Mavis, Tyson Morton - Grounds
Dr. Tim Blanton, Shawndra Sheik - Events
Brad Beaty, Cory Goodno, George Pease - Promotions

Rick Logan - Website Coordinator
Jacob Bruce, Dixie Colquhoun, Erika Gibbs, Sadie Haninzinger, Dalley Huster, McKenna Knight, McKenzie Mashburn, Harleigh Moore, Charlie Thompson, Emily Woodruff - 2017 Social Media Team
Lerin Thomas - Social Media Team Director


Honorary Lifetime Members

Rick Barnhouse     Danny Head     John Heinze     Kevin Frazier
Rosetta LeClair                  
Rodeo Secretary
Kacey Calhoun


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