Specialty Act

101 Wild West Rodeo





The 60th Annual 101 Wild West Rodeo

June 6 - 8, 2018

Website will be updated as information becomes available.

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Work Sessions

Work will continue through this year and next on improvements to the 101 Wild West Rodeo Arena. Volunteers are always welcome.





RETURNING THIS YEAR: Barrelman - Justin “Rumpshaker” Rumford & Specialty Act - Amanda J. Payne




Specialty Act: Amanda J. Payne



Miss Amanda J. Payne…..A.K.A. the pretty one... But don’t let your guard down around her... as she can be just as captivating as the men in her gang. She was born May 02, 1978 on an Indian Reservation in Pawnee, Oklahoma.


She quickly picked up on the cowboy lifestyle.


She started riding horses at a very early age picking up on the tricks and trades of the bandit lifestyle she broke out in 1997 when she was 18 years old traveling back and forth the United States.


She has proven that a girl can catch a fish and skin a deer too… She has won I.P.R.A. Contract Act of the Year in 2000 and was nominated for P.R.C.A. Specialty Act of the Year in 2001. She has also had the honor of carrying the Sponsorship Flags in the N.F.R. for the past nine years.


But don’t let her smile fool you, she is the only woman to have ever attempted to follow the Bandit’s footsteps and might just be the only one to put the Bandit in his place.


She can handle two bull whips quite well and her cur head dogs are always watching you…If you’re lucky you might just get a glimpse of her… She too is on the most wanted list…




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